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2015 Ann Arbor WordCamp

Accepted as a 2015 WordCamp speaker in Ann Arbor, MI was very exciting. It was my first WordCamp, first time volunteering and first time speaking at a technical conference.

The challenge was doing only 15 minutes in a lightning round. The title – ‘Introduction to the WordPress Backend‘. A quick overview of what people need to get their blog/website up and running quickly.

logo wordcamp 2015

The day started early, 7:00 am, helping to setup and run the registration table. A long day filled with friends I’ve made through WP Meetups and making new friends from other areas of Michigan and around the US.

2018 Detroit Wordcamp

April 28, 2018 was the Detroit Wordcamp which had not been held since 2012. Held at Grand Circus in downtown Detroit it was a cold spring morning as I got lost in the blocks surrounding the building before I finally made my way to the 3rd floor.

It was a busy day as I met new people and spent time with friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. Wordcamps are special educational opportunities, I learned about REST API, how to create a better business lifestyle, work with non-profits and other great sessions.

These have become a time I look forward to, enjoying spending time with a community that has encouraged and supported me to continually expand. Yeah! Wordcamps!